Paul Carley


media:                 acrylics

studio:                 2nd floor

                           Sandpaper Factory

                           83 East Water St.

                           Rockland, MA 02370


bio:                    Paul was exposed to paintings and sculpture at the MFA in grade school by a friend's mom, who brought them there many times. He was fortunate to have had afternoon art classes at the MFA all through high school. He attended Mass College of Art and design for a short time to study painting. His situation at the time prevented him from continuing his studies. However, he accidentally fell into the sign business at that time and discovered he would still be able to swing a brush, plan layout, use color and get paid. Paul has owned his own sign business for over 25 years. He started painting again with acrylics in 2006 and tries to challenge himself daily with new subject matter & color, sometimes bending the rules with both.

When painting, his goal is to create a colorful image that will bring about a happy feeling or thought for the viewer. Presently he uses a variety of colors in his paintings, as many as possible because color invokes emotions. As a commercial sign artist, Paul has a limited amount of color combinations to use, so he enjoys the freedom of using any color, anywhere, on the canvas panels.

The bits & pieces of places and things that he sees during the day, by the people that he meets, and the stories that he hears mostly influence his subject matter.

Still learning, still practicing & still enjoying!